#teamJSA here are your UPDATES!

First of all, please excuse us for being MIA! We have been working hard to build events, coalitions, and work together with other organizations for ALL OF YOU. During the last few days we have been gathering signatures, pledges, registering voters and rasing funds for our upcoming events. To give a small snapshot, we have acquiered over 100 signatures, registered over 15 voters, gathered over 20 pledges and spread the word about the Dream act and injustices in our community to HUNDREDS during the last 6 events we have participated in only TWO WEEKS. We are pulling up our sleves and going into the streets and our communities to get the word out about whats going on in our educational system!

With this said, here is what we have in the oven for the upcoming summer! Political panel, voter registration drives, voter registration concert, fundraising events, job fairs/educational fairs, JSA Retreat, movie screenings, visual art exhibitions, door to door knocking and many more!
We appreciate ALL YOUR SUPPORT, and will need volunteers for the upcoming events! if you would like to help please contact us at! We are still looking to start clubs and chapters in YOUR schools. Lets move forward and help give a voice to all those who do not have a voice!