• May : 24 : 2012 - #JSA Will Be Attending A Montgomery County Young Democrats Dream Act Panel In Silver Spring Civic Center
  • May : 26 : 2012 - Fenton Street Market
  • May : 31 : 2012 - Voto Latino Has Invited #JSA To Attend To One Of Their Press Conferences
  • Aug : 17 : 2012 - Voter Registration Concert

DACA and Dream Act, Hope Rekindled 

On November 6th, the Dreams of thousands of students in Maryland were given wings. Along with Deferred Action, the Dream Act opened the door to an affordable, higher education. Incredible, would probably be the word to describe this accomplishment. Only a few months before, Dreamers were still being put in maximum security jail cells and treated as if they had committed a crime by wanting to pursue a higher education. 

However, much has yet to be seen. With the new influx of workers coming in through DACA, who will provide them with jobs? Most importantly, how can we help them reach their full potential and plug them into different resources such as internships, jobs, fellowships etc. Needless to say, with this economy, finding a job will be difficult for many of them; however, we are now able to fully explore the potential of class valedictorians, star-athletes, and other students by seeing how they compete in the work force. Most importantly, we have opened the door for them to reach toward their goals, and benefit their country. Likewise, we have closed the door to crime, violence, and shattered dreams.

The question then lies in whether they will face obstacles applying to these new jobs or gaining access to these universities. Will their applications be looked down at Universities because of their 'Dreamer' status or will their resumes be looked down upon when applying for a job? In the months to come, many instances will occur where DACA and Dream Act will have to prove whether an anti-discriminatory bill will be necessary to protect these students. 

Regardless, it's a new beggining for many of these students and there is no better present than DACA and the Maryland Dream Act for them this Christmas. Let us hope for the best in the months to come and may thousands of these students take advantage of the new blessings in their lives. 


The biggest obstacle we have in our lives is ourselves. By overcoming our fears and empowering our hopes we slowly turn the wheels toward a brighter future for society. What we do with JSA is not our job, we aren't getting payed for it, it’s our passion. It's with this same passion for seeing justice in the word that we push forward and advocate for issues such as the Maryland Dream Act. Such issues need to be understood and recognized as social justice issues, as issues where your friends, your congregation, your teams, your schools, and most importantly YOU can make a change. Commit today to telling 10 people a week about "why the Dream act should pass" and by election day you will have told over 150 people which will potentially spread the word! The power to change this Dream Act battle is in each of our hands-- the biggest tool we can use in this race is ourselves. As we always say at #JSA " Be the change you want to see in the world..." because " an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". We push forward with a commitment to justice, honesty, and a promise to all those which are voiceless that WE MARCH ON TOWARD JUSTICE! #JSA

Our future events:
1) Townhall meeting with John Delaney July 16th!/events/331915296889001/

2) "Dream Concert" August 17th at the Silver Spring Civic Center from 4-9 PM
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Confused about Obama's new policy??! Want to know where you can go from here?!!! Check out this sick document on the next steps for dreamers from MDYC: Document to show Dreamers Next Steps 
The Dream Act STILL needs to get passed! We need all of YOUR help to help spread this petition:  Maryland Dream Act Petition 


It's a great day for a lot of us! On this Friday, June 15th, the Obama Administration announced a deferred action process for undocumented youth in the country! We would first like to thank God for putting his hand in the heart of politicians and guiding the various groups pushing for this. Thank you, also, TO ALL OF YOU, for continuing to believe in us, our cause, and hope for a better future.

We hope to continue working to keep politicians accountable. To help them see that sometimes decisions should not be just made on votes but what is intrinsically right. JSA will continue fighting for the Dream Act in Maryland, registering voters, holding politicians accountable, and fighting against injustices in our area. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Voter registration concert August 17th! ...

-The JSA Movement

"An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" - MLK

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