About Us

#JSA = Justice for Students in America:

JSA is a coalition of multi-ethnic, grassroots, college students dedicated to helping those facing substantial obstacles preventing them from obtaining an education. Our mission is to promote youth members of our society seeking to benefit their lives, the lives of their families, and this country by receiving an education. JSA doesn't stop there, we fight against racism, discrimination, and for
student rights.As a college led movement, we are dedicated to bringing you research-based facts on the topics that we, the youth of America, care for the most.

Our current priorities are:
  1. Holding politcians accountable to their promises
  2. Registering and mobilizing #JSA voters
  3. Giving a voice to the youth in order to better society
Though #JSA is founded in Maryland, we are working with students nationwide on joint efforts to promote Justice for Students in America.

How We Started:

The citizens of Germantown, Maryland, and many other parts of the DC Metropolitan area are in a state of great concern. On March 7th, 2012, eighteen year old college freshman Jorge Steven Acuna, was taken into custody along with his mother Blanca Susana Acuna and father Jorge Acuna by Immigration Enforcement and Removal. The family was denied political asylum and faced deportation to Colombia.

#JSA activists plan rally to free their friend Jorge Steven Acuna

Jorge was separated from his family and locked in a maximum security cell at Snow Hill Detention Center in Snow Hill, MD. Aside from maintaining a 3.8 GPA and many Honor Credits throughout high school and college, Jorge was a very respectful, tenacious, loyal, determined and ethical individual. Loved by his teachers, coaches, friends and community, Jorge has contributed to our area in too many ways to recall. It was common knowledge that Jorge's dream was to attend Johns Hopkins University and eventually become a surgeon.

Now, Jorge was granted stay for another year after we gathered over 7,000 signatures, created a group of over 1,700 Facebook members, marched in Rockville with a group of over 500 people, and received support from various politicians in the area. Jorge's story has already been covered by many local newspapers, radio stations, and television channels such as Telemundo, Univision, NBC, FOX, CBS, and others. Thank you for your support and for your contribution to this great cause!