Our Vision & Call to Action

Please join the #JSA movement:

JSA stands for Justice for Students in America. We are a social movement organization dedicated to helping those facing substantial obstacles preventing them from obtaining an education. Our mission is to promote youth members of our society seeking to benefit their lives, the lives of their families, and this country by receiving an education. In order for us to achieve these goals, action must be taken.

We, the youth of America, will make our voices heard and
shape the future direction of our country.

We will educate ourselves and our community, and we will register to vote.

As a group made up of young college students, JSA will also work as close as possible with partner organizations to organize rallies, concerts, and other events to promote the education and involvement in our fellow youth.

It is vital to our movement that we form and maintain mutual relationships with organizations that are willing to fight alongside of youth activists in the United States of America. It is through these relationships and partnerships that JSA will be able to deliver the message of political awareness, social activeness and the importance of obtaining an education to the youth of our society.

We encourage direct contact with our representatives
to coordinate all sorts of involvement.

JSA hopes to directly influence youth from large regions and is confident that through communication, activism and support through our partners, that we will be able to create a strong network of creative, intellectual and voting young activists.

The youth of America is a demographic that JSA is focusing on, for we are the future decision makers of this country. We urge you to not make the mistake of overlooking a powerful and determined group of people that can and will make a huge difference in the immediate future. Do not pass on the chance to help facilitate one of the first major youth movements of our time or risk being left behind as new and dynamic voices take over an emerging social networking scene.

JSA fights for justice for students in America and together, we can all be a part of a movement never seen before. A movement of the youth, by the youth, for the youth is something of incredible potential that must be fulfilled in order to benefit not just us as youth, but our nation as a whole.

We wholly appreciate you,
The JSA Movement