Why did we take on the Maryland Dream Act?

We, Justice for Students in America, made a vow to stand up for what is right-- for what is just. After Jorge Steven Acuña's case, still not resolved, we recognized the need for our community and youth to become aware of cases where students are dehumanized. Throughout Steven's case, discrimination, racism, and prejudice toward undocumented students became evident. "Let him get deported... he should get sent back..." were common arguments we heard. While at the same time, a 3.8 GPA, hard-working, tax-paying student lay handcuffed in a maximum security cell.

Certain community leaders have created efforts to dehumanize these hard-working, tax paying, college bound students. They even frame it as a ‘Hispanic immigrant’ issue. Digging deeper into the subject, one realizes that it does not only encompass Hispanic students-- it shelters all ethnicities. Still, many frame it as a Hispanic issue--an issue of getting these immigrants out of the United States. As time passes though, companies get richer by blaming and deporting these hard-working students and families. The real problem rests in how big their pockets get and how our economy is negatively affected. Allowing these multi-ethnic students an education encompasses a growth in our economy, creation of educational opportunities, and an end to injustices such as discrimination and racism.

Many fail to see the detrimental effects of depriving MILLIONS of students a higher education; of closing the doors to a person's future-- while also dehumanizing them. The argument does not rest in these students taking away our jobs or tearing down our economy. The real argument is, “how long are we going to let this discrimination and dehumanization of hard-working students continue?” How long are we going to keep losing the great potential these students carry--students that only wish to better themselves and better the country which they have grown to call a home? How long?

Justice for Students in America advocates against racism and discrimination. We fight for the ideals of the American Country where a hardworking, tax-paying, honest civilian has the absolute right to prosper and better the country he calls a home. Statistics and studies demonstrate why this is the right thing to do, but it is important that we do not outsmart our own reason… The simple truth is, if we do not support the Maryland Dream Act, we are throwing millions of youth into the streets, depriving them of an education and hindering progress in our state and country. The United States, built upon giving immigrants the opportunity to push us forward, has thrived on opportunity. For this reason, Justice for Students in America has taken on supporting the passage of the Maryland Dream Act on November 6.

On this July 4th, the United States will be turning 236 years old. In only 236 years, we have become one of the most quick to prosper nations in the world. We have built our infrastructure through the hands of immigrants and developed because of this common sentiment to strive for excellence through freedom. We are a nation pushed forward by the thirst of justice, equality, and freedom. We are a nation of ideals, morals, and freedom. Let's maintain these ideals and work together to allow the millions of hard-working students which call their home the great United States of America.

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